A Monster Calls Movie

a monsterA monster calls movie is one of the most fantastic films of 2016. Patrick Ness wrote it. J.A Bayona directed this movie. This movie laid its base upon the novel” A monster calls.” This novel was then converted into the original idea. The main character of the story is Conor. His mother is very ill. It narrates the story of Conor and a monster. This movie has gained very popularity across Spain, the US, and the UK

The Story:

The story of this novel is fascinating. Conor loves his mother very much. She was very ill. Conor takes all the duties at home while she was at the hospital. His grandmother advises him to live with her, but Conor is not willing to stay with her. He wants to stay near his mother. Conor then experienced some nightmares. He uses drawing to clear them. His mother knew drawing. He learned this art from his mother. He watched that a church near to his hoe is going into a hole. One night, Conor met with a monster. He woke up at midnight. The tree near the church changed into a beast and talked to him. He agreed to narrate three stories to Conor, and in return, Conor will relate a fourth story to him.

In the first story, the MonsterMonster narrates that a prince managed to escape from his stepmother queen. He did not like her. He wants to become the king, but she was the only problem in his way. So, he ran with his bride. But afterward, he killed his bride. He blames his stepmother for the kill. He waited for people to drive away from the queen, and he could become the king.

Conor’s mother became very ill. His condition was severe. It was difficult for Conor to stay at home. So, he shifted to his grandmother. He stays there until his father visits him and asks him to visit his stepfamily at Christmas. He agreed upon this invitation. O Christmas, he visits his stepfamily, but his stepmother was very rude to him. At last, he broke one of the clock pieces in anger.

Second Story:

Then for the second time, the Monster appears. He narrates another story. A hard-hearted person prohibits an apothecary from extracting medicine in an old yew tree to rescind this step if his children become ill. On the other hand, the apothecary can’t help him, and the MonsterMonster starts to ruin the parson’s home as punishment. Conor enthusiastically joins in on the devastation but comes to find he has decimated his grandma’s living room. His grandmother, while sour, doesn’t punish Conor.A Monster Calls

Conor realized that his mother could not survive anymore. The doctors asked for final treatment. Conor then approaches MonsterMonster and begs for his mother’s health. At school, Harry stops teasing him but use bad words. Conor attacks Harry and seizes him. He wants to punish Harry, but his school headmistress stops him from doing so as she understands Harry’s condition.

Conor then finds the yew tree. He finds MonsterMonster and asks for his mother’s health. The MonsterMonster says that he also wanted to save his mother’s life, but he cannot. Conor’s grandmother finds him sleeping under a tree. She sends him to the hospital, where he met his mother for the last time. His mother embraced him and cast a look at MonsterMonster. Conor realizes that she knew about MonsterMonster. He then returns to home. He finds a book. This book contained the stories his mother told to monster ever!

The End of Monster Calls

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