Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Boruto is a famous Japanese manga series. Ukyo Kodachi wrote, and Mikio Ikemoto illustrated the series. It was serialized in 2016. Ukyo Kodachi is the plot creator. And the in charge of the manga are both Ikemoto and kodachi. Boruto Uzumaki faces a foe Kawaki during the destruction of the village. This manga is originally a series of added content to Baruto: Naruto, the movie. Boruto was a son of Naruto Uzumaki. He disliked his father’s opinion of choosing the village over his family. Boruto became a member of the ninja team. This team was lead by three-person, konohamaru sarutobi, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki. Sasuki came to the village and threatened Naruto about Kaguya Otsutsuki. Boruto pleads Uchiha to train him. He wanted to get his father’s attention by his success in exams. And to face the incoming trials.

Boruto's First Mission:

But during his training, Kaguya Otsutsuki attacked and seized Naturo. He wanted to alive the dying divine tree. Bruto, Sasuki, and other ninja united to save Naruto. Boruta defeated Momoshiki with the help of his father. But Momoshiki realized Boruto about incoming trials. When he recovered from his wounds, he decided to follow Susake. There are about 26 characters in the story. During his next mission, Boruto saves Tento, the son of Fire Daimyo. Mujina, a group of famous bandits, abduct Tento. Boruto saved Tento and befriend with him  . On the other side, Naruto came to know that a group was in search of marked persons. This mark was commonly called Karma. This group was named Kara.

Boruto and Kara: 

Boruto met the kara group. One group member, Kawaki, became loyal to the Uzumaki family. Also he tried to protect this family. At the same time, Naruto and Sasun fought with Kara’s leader Jigen. They were defeated by him. Sasun managed to escape, but Naturo was captured. Baruto’s mark showed its powers. Then Sasuke came to know that all the persons with the mark will be encountered by the Otsutski clan. Meanwhile, Kara was distributed. Their division lessens their strength.

Characters :

The series consists of these characters.

Boruto Uzumaki


Naruto Uzumaki



Sarada Uchiha

Sardah boruto


Mistuki boruto

Momoshiki Otsutsuki

  boruto haai

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuki Uchicha boruto

Shikamaru Nara:

Shikmaru nara


Gaara boruto

Shino Aburame:

Shino Aburame boruto


TENten boruto

Shikadai Nara:

nara boruto

Inojin yamanka:

yamanka boruto

Chocho akimichi


Kinshiki otsutsuki:

kinshiki boruto


katasuke boruto






araya boruto

Metal Lee:

metal le

Tentou Madoka:

tentou makoda

Kashin Koji:

kishan koji boruto


jigen boruto

Isshiki Otsutsuki:

isshiki boruto




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