Is Mangastream Down?

You must have heard that mangastream is down. Yes, .that is true. Mangastream is permanently down. It was closed in September 2019. They erased all the data. All the tweets, in short, everything about mangastream, was deleted/cleared.

                    What is mangastream? You must have known about it. It is a manga scanlation website. It provided readers with their favorite manga. But it is a scanlation website. It scans manga and converts them into other languages, also with subtitles.

                    Mangastream  The manga is the property of the artist. And then to the publishing company. It is illegal to publish any manga without the permission of its owner and company. But mangastream published the manga online without any consent. It affected the martial condition of the company. They got lost in the form of revenue. In short, it was an illegal website.

                                      But a question rise here. Why mangastream shut down so abruptly?. Why was no announcement made about its shutdown?. But these questions are still seeking for a responsive answer. But still, there is no solid reason.

                                   Furthermore, some bloggers have given their point of view. We get many answers in this regard. We are discussing the most suitable ones. Andrew Yang ( A famous interpreter) also Shared his views about it. He also liked it. Having his views on Twitter 

  Why Mangastream Down?

                This question is still worthy of attention. Many people commented about it but without any substantial reason. The most important event is the call of Sheishua, a manga writer, in US court. He was first who demanded the detail of Mangastream owner. It happened in early 2019. It is considered as one factor for the shutdown.

                             Next, the mangastream was illegal. So, many people were against it. It was giving loss to publishers and artists. In September 2019, it announced not publishing the manga owned by Viz media, including One Piece. It could not survive anymore. But we should also take into consideration the Mangastream twitter. On twitter, they made a silly excuse of not having enough time for it. After that, they erased all their data. They turned their accounts into private. But the truth is still hidden.

A Noble Act; End of Scanlation:

                                              Mangastream and Jaminibox were publishing illegal scans. They owned no permissions. But finally, they are closed. It is an excellent benefit to Artists and publishers. The end of this unlawful scanlations has given a chance for legal scanlation. The era of illegal scanlations has gone to an end. Wishing well for Artists and Publishers!

People OPinion AFter Mangastream:

Now Mangastream is down but we should have a look on the audience. What people think about mangastream…Let’s take some tweets from Twitter.

Another one

The Last One

     People need mangastream Back!! Do You?                          

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