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You must have heard about Mangastream. Didn’t you?… Ok,  we have something to share with you.

mangastream Apk had remained a highly preferred app in the world of Manga. What is Manga?. Manga art has a long and also a complex history in Japanese arts. The manga lovers preferred Mangastream for many years as it was easy to handle and accessible.

Manga comics were the assets of Mangastream. Another thing to know about is that these comics were the translated version of Japanese comics origin. These comics were translated due to their popularity among people. People wanted to study comics online and mangastream proved to be very valuable for them.Mangastream

Mangastream fulfilled the needs of manga lovers for many years. Furthermore, It enabled people to stream videos online. And watch out for their best comics from love to sci-fi, to action, to romance and many more….

Mengastream was very simple and easy to tackle. It made people its lovers. It was a user-friendly website also.

But Now Megastream has gone. The reason behind is not known exactly. However, many intellectuals recorded their views. The most suitable reason ever received reveals the idea to promote legal content on websites. And to connect people to FREE Manga websites.


Besides this, Mangastream Twitter also revealed the reason for being banned but it does not look sound. They could not manage time for it. Consequently,  It was the hobby which couldn’t sustain anymore…

Now, what the Manga lovers do?? We have good news. There are many alternatives to Mangastream. Just be happy, there are a number of websites which can provide you with Mangas for FREE. Finally, we will discuss them.

One Piece Mangastream:

One-piece, the most famous Manga series ever written. Eiichiro Oda wrote this Manga series and illustrated it. It was released on July 22, 1997.

One piece

Enter Monkey D. Luffy, which became a pirate. At a relatively lower age of 17. He defies the standard definition of a pirate rather he has his own definition and a goal for becoming a pirate. He wished for the One Piece. And he struggles for it passing many crazy adventures and leaving behind his enemies. He set his childhood hero as his ideal and followed his steps.

This story is just all about this boy who gets some unique qualities just by eating devil some devil fruits. He struggles for just the hidden treasure of the world the One Piece.


Now the mangastream is no longer available. It is illegal or banned now. The main reason behind it is unknown still. The developers made an excuse of not having enough time to handle mangastream. They all said that it is not the hobby worthy of their attention. They just put a full stop and end it. But there are many bloggers taking our attention in this regard. Some say that they are trying to conduct legal content. they want to promote the Manga plus services.

Mangastream Down Alternatives:

As mangastream is banned. so,  the manga lovers are seeking another source for enjoyment. Don’t worry e have a list of top 10 alternatives websites. Just check them out.


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