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Mangastream is the best Manga scanlation website, which has gone off the internet some months ago. It remained the most famous Manga website. It provided a platform for Manga-lovers to enjoy their favorite Manga scans.Now mangastream alternatives are preferred.

This website published Manga without any permission. It gave a loss in the form of revenue to the publishing companies. And now it is gone. Other Manga scanlation websites are fulfilling Manga’s needs. Some famous Manga sites are given below. These are the best alternative to Mangastream. You can watch your favorite Manga here.

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    Mangastream alternative 

 It is one of the websites which still publish Manga scanlations. It also allows downloading Manga comics. But it is not very popular like other sites.


Mangastream Alternative

This website resembles Mangastream as it has some interface similar to Mangastream. Almost all the Manga comics are available.



Mangafox is a popular website than Mangastream. It can be an excellent alternative to Mangastream. It contains many types of Manga. You can read them online.


Alternative Mangastream This website contains a well-defined collection of Manga. About 1,00,000 Manga comics can be mentioned in it. This website has client features to be preferred over other sites. Moreover, the Manga chapters are updated day by day. You will also get notifications from the website. So that you don’t miss any update!


Another Manga scanlation website. It is popular than many other Manga sites. It is preferred by many search engines. And due to this, it has a good ranking. Also, it has a good Manga collection.


It is considered as best Manga site after Mangastream. And may be the best alternative for Mangastream. It owns a vast range of Manga from action to romance to yuri. And also contain more than 51 genres. Mostly it releases MSJ productions. It also enables users to upload their Manga here.



 It is also a famous Manga site. Having its own features which are highly preferred. It may be an excellent option to choose from.


This Manga site contains about 10,000 Manga comics. It is updated regularly, and new Manga comics are added. This website is changing its Url due to some copyright cases.



Mangadex also contains a vast collection of Manga. This site is neither highly preferred nor recommended, but it’s still on the list.


   Magapark is really a great website for reading Manga online. Just visit to check it.

Last Words:

     Although Mangastream is off, these sites are highly preferred by google and users. Just choose anyone, and you will never be out of content.   

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