Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Gods and Demons is one of the Gods and Demons fiction. First, we discuss the origin and history of these tales. These fictions include an idea of immortal and powerful monsters and Gods. They are mainly in the Chinese language. First, the idea was displayed by the word shenmo xiaoshuo. This word means “Gods and Demons fictions”.

Now a bit of the history of Chinese shenmo tales. These tales include the modern Chinese language rather than the classical Chinese language. The Sorcerer’s Revolt (Pingyao Zhuan, 14th century AD) is an early gods and demons book attributed to Luo Guanzhong.  At the story, Wang Ze begins a rebellion against the government with the help of magic.  The Four Journeys (Siyouji) is just another early shenmo work composed of four books and printed during the dynasty as a compilation of folk stories.  The Story of both Han Xiangzi (Han xiangzi Quan Zhuan), also a Taoist book from precisely the same span, also shares this unnatural theme but contains more profound spiritual overtones.

The very well known instances of shenmo fiction are all Journey to the West (Xiyouji) along with The Investiture of the Gods (Fengshen yanyi). Journey to the West, in particular, is regarded by Chinese literary critics since the chef-d’oeuvre of all shenmo books. Tales of Demons and Gods, The book’s authorship is attributed to Wu Cheng’ en route and was initially published in 1592 from Shitedang, a Ming publishing house. The prevalence of Journey to the West inspired a series of shenmo copycats that borrowed plot elements from the publication.tales of demons and gods


The Ming and Qing Dynasties:

Later works of gods and demons fiction drifted away from the only fantastical themes of novels like Journey to the West. Shenmo novels were ostensibly about monsters and gods but taken more humanistic subjects. Throughout the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, a subgenre of comedic shenmo had arisen.

The macabre exposés of the Qing dynasty (qing xiaoshuo) mention the supernatural motifs of shenmo xiaoshuo, however, in the Qing exposés, the division between the real and unreal is not as clear cut. The supernatural is placed outside traditional fantasy preferences and introduced as a natural element of a sensible world, bringing about its grotesque nature.  This trait is embodied in the Journey to the West and other shenmo parodies of the late Qing dynasty.demons and gods  In A Ridiculous Journey to the West (Wuli qunao Zhi xiyouji) from Wu Jianwen, the protagonist Bare-Armed Gibbon, a more venal variant of Sun Wukong, assists the Vulture King when he’s unable to wring any cash out of a disadvantaged fish the vulture had caught and dropped in a puddle.

Monkey Return:

The monkey returns in another Wu Jianwen story, Long Live the Constitution (Lixian wansui), and bickers with other figures in Journey to the West above a constitution for Heaven.  The four Major characters of Journey to the West, the boxer, Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie, along with Sha Wujing, the Journey to contemporary Shanghai from the New Journey to the West (Xin xiyouji) by Lengxue. In Shanghai, they mingle with prostitutes, have problems with drug dependence, also drama games of mahjong. Journey to the West wasn’t the only gods and demons novel lampooned. New Investiture of the Gods (Xin Fengshenzhuan) is a parody of Investiture of the Gods by Dalu.gods

Publications in this subgenre contain an enlarged revision of The Sorcerer’s Revolt, What Type of Book Is This? Rather than focusing solely on a supernatural kingdom, shenmo comedies used dreams as a social commentary on the follies of the human world. Tales of demons and gods, Lu Xun, speculated the shenmo genre shaped the satirical works afterwards written in the Qing Dynasty. The celebrity also influenced the science fantasy books of the late Qing.

Tales Of Demons And Gods:

After dying in the hands of this Sage Emperor, Nie Li wakes up back into his thirteen-year-old body.  Given a second chance to rescue his loved ones, he is determined to block the Sacred Family from betraying Glory City and causing the assault that not only ruined his home but killed all his friends and family. Nie Li is a part of the Heavenly Marks Family, a diminishing and weak aristocratic family.  tales of demonsHis initial talent is considered by others to be poor and can be lacking in society and social standing.  However, he retains all of the knowledge he gathered while roaming the Divine Continent in his previous life.  Using that, he plans to nurture himself too far greater heights in this life.  [28] He gathers allies who protected Glory City in his previous life.

Together with his large amount of understanding, he assists his friends and family become more robust so they can have a better chance at survival.  These include his best buddies Du Ze and Lu Piao; Du Ze’s followers Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, and Wei Nan; his past love Ye Ziyun; and Xiao Ning’er.


His appearance isn’t explained in the novel beyond his pretty fantastic looks and that he is somewhat shorter then Shen Yue. The manhua shows him having spiky orange hair that reaches past his shoulders and blue eyes. He also has a very calm and determined character. Although his appearance is that of a thirteen-year-old, he has the mind of someone far older and more seasoned. This often confuses those around him. After dropping everyone he cared for in his previous life, he confessed to himself that he’ll protect them in such a one.

After experiencing countless near-death encounters in his previous life, Nie Li doesn’t fear death. Virtually nothing makes him fearful after his rebirth. Thus, he’s able to manage almost any kind of scenario that surfaces. Besides being a master tactician, he’s good at reading the hidden intentions of these sly and cunning folks he meets. Although he’s a vicious tongue, he usually uses it against his enemies. But does sometimes tease those that are close to him.

Nie Li has also seen many of the treasure chests in the world in his previous life. Therefore, something utterly useless to somebody might turn into a treasure to Nie Li as he has an understanding of how to use it properly. In his alternate life, Nie Li was a shy and cowardly youth. However, he shifted while travelling and facing death and life struggles with Ye Ziyun.

Some Quotes:

The only reason I’m not fighting back is because you’re the father of Ziyun. It’s not because I’m afraid of you……
— Nie Li to Ye Zong, Chapter 93
Ning’er, During a person’s life, there will always be a special event and a special person. Although he or she may only appear in your life for a brief moment, they will become an eternal memory, for as long as you live. You will continue to live for the sake of that memory. It is irreplaceable. Someone who has travelled the lands and sailed the seas wouldn’t stop for little things.
— Nie Li to Xiao Ning’er, Chapter 255
Heaven and earth are vast; countless experts roam between them. The likes of you wants to be proud and arrogant? Long Yuyin, today, I gave you a small lesson. Keep that prideful character of yours in check. Otherwise, even if I don’t take action, eventually there’ll be someone who comes along and teaches you a lesson!
— Nie Li to Long Yuyin Chapter 290


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